WINNER of 2010 LiFE
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Book Review of Strictly Liable

"When the California town of Playa Bonita is named in a federal pollution suit things look bad for Julie Woodruff, the Director of the town’s public works. To add to the stew, things get worse; there are charges specifically naming her.  A criminal case against her for doing her job? The laws and reasons for enforcing them are all explored in M.T. Kingsley’s latest novel, Strictly Liable. The tension, fears and drama of a pending court case that could even lead to prison for Ms Woodruff unfolds in front of the reader. The emotional rollercoaster is given a turbo-charged twist when a gruesome murder further tightens the legal net around a person who only wishes to do good for her family and community.


Kingsley’s second novel, Strictly Liable, shows us that the award winning With Malicious Intent was just a jumping off point. What starts out as a straightforward legal thriller soon evolves into plots for revenge, murder and even environmental crimes.


Make sure you have everything you need before you start reading Strictly Liable. You won’t be leaving your seat until you are done!"
Rick Buda, Author of WolfPointe



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Strictly Liable

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In M.T. Kingsley's second novel, follow the tumultuous legal and emotional challenges of widow and mother of four, Julie Woodruff, who is set up for a crime, thrown into prison, and survives an attempt on her life just because of her job as the public works director of the small Southern California city of Playa Bonita. With the help of her children, she turns the incredible obstacles she faces into a positive result. Experience first hand why Congress needs to change the current federal environmental law that would allow innocent people to go to jail.

All proceeds from the sales of Strictly Liable will go to benefit the Anne B. Kingsley Ovarian Cancer Foundation whose mission is to support research and education aimed at creating an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer.

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