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"A summer in Europe sounds great to M, but the rest of her family isn't so sure. M, the long-suffering mother and tourist, shuttles her brood and own mother from place to place, often at great protest. Shesomehow hopes to exercise and change herself in the process. Teenage J pretends to be uninterested in anything but food, sleep, her ipod, and
her friends back home. Younger A is adorably enthusiastic; it's amazing what difference three years can make. Their triple perspective alternates between repetitious and insightful (different attitudestowards the same events or different details entirely).....In short, a good book about families and Europe." - infiniteletters on



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Best/Worst Summer Ever

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Ever wonder what it would be like to spend the whole summer in Europe with your family?  Wonder no more.  This real-life travel diary chronicles a journey to four countries spanning 75 days from three very different perspectives of a 40 something year old mother, a just turning teenage daughter (who would rather be anywhere else), and a younger (and still rational) ten year old daughter.  Come along – share the fun, the sadness, the wondrous adventures, and even the short tempers triggered by too much togetherness as this family travels from place to place in The Best Worst Summer Ever!!

Bonus features in this book include puzzles and activities!  A great summer read for teens, tweens and their moms.

All proceeds from the sales of The Best Worst Summer Ever
will go to benefit the Anne B. Kingsley Ovarian Cancer Foundation which was started in remembrance of J.T. and A.T.'s grandmother who died passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 2003.  Their mission is to support research and education aimed at creating an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer.

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